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This directory is designed to help you find everything you need to enjoy Houston with your four-legged best friend. If you are a pet related business or service, or would like to suggest one, we invite you to do so!

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  1. Hello
    There is an article in your October issue about one of my rescue dogs named Jett that was adopted. The adopter shared the website with me, but I am hoping to get a few hard copies of the magazine. Please let me know if you can assist and what the fee would be.

    Nancy Gonzalez
    Australian Shepherds Furever

  2. Journals Central


    Fred Fichman
    7760 E. State Route 69, Ste. C5-245
    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

    JournalsCentral Website Addition and New Journal Release

    PRESCOTT, AZ – May 15, 2016

    JUST PUBLISHED. Author/Publisher Frederick Fichman announced today the publication of a new Journal the Food & Drink category on “My Dog’s Recipe Journal” is now available for those pet owners that require home-cooked meals for their beloved dogs rather than commercially produced product.
    A large segment of dog owners are required to prepare meals for their pets because of intolerance to the ingredients folded into commercially produced and sold dog food. There is another large segment of dog owners who wish to create their own dog food in their kitchens to save money against the ever-increasing prices of dog food they previously purchased. The “My Dog’s Recipe Journal” provides an easy-to-use and convenient cookbook that allows dog owners to write in journals their own ingredients and recipes. These journals are now available at either Amazon or Amazon’s Create Space print book store at:

    Mr. Fichman also announced today the inclusion of a new feature on his website. Every Monday a new world-class recipe will be posted on the website. These recipes can be transferred to any of the 31 food recipe journals offered for purchase on The first journals available at allows for any home chef to secure and catalog their own recipes in a simple and easy to use format. At the front of each genre of journal an invaluable Measurement Guide is included.
    Additional categories and types of journals will expand the entire library from development by Author Fichman and from customer suggestions.
    Links to Create Space and descriptions of the Recipe Journal series can be found at the journal website,

    # # #

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