Mutts on Mats


By Denny Phillips

Have you heard about the newest craze in dog exercise called Doga? It is becoming quite popular. Simply put, it is yoga for dogs. It may sound a little wacky and, no your dog does not have to assume the lotus position but it can be a fun way for you and your dog to exercise together.

It is important that your dog get the proper amount of exercise to keep him healthy, both physically and mentally. And, it has been proven that dogs who get in the appropriate amount of exercise are better behaved. Exercise can possibly even extend your dog’s life expectancy.

As you are probably aware, traditional yoga is supposed to stretch your muscles and help you relax. Doga works for dogs in the same way it works for humans. Of course, you as the dog’s counterpart are there to help him through the movements. But, it is basically geared to help your dog get in his daily exercise, improve his circulation, aid in the movement of his joints and help keep him relaxed.

The Doga session is not only good for your dog, but good for you as well. You can get your daily yoga workout  at the same time. And, by interacting with your dog and helping him through his movements, you form a better bond with your canine companion.

All types of dogs can benefit from Doga. Big or small, it doesn’t matter at all but you may have to be a bit more careful in manipulating smaller dogs because you don’t want to be too “ruff’ on them or hurt them. Doga can also be good for older dogs that may suffer from arthritis. The slow and careful manipulation of their joints could help improve their movement.

If your dog is social and likes to be in the company of other people and other dogs, Doga may be something you should look into. Doga classes are becoming popular all over the world today. Classes have been reported in the United States, Canada, London, England and even in Japan.

If you have trouble finding a Doga class in your area (it is a fairly new thing), try approaching your present yoga instructor to suggest it. You could also get together with other dog lovers that you know and try approaching a gym to encourage them to start a class.

Pet owners everywhere are taking up the fun challenge of Doga with a passion. It is an enjoyable way to exercise with your beloved dog. Get in on the fun!

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