Rover Oaks Pet Resort Announces Houston Doggybowl

Football Fun for Dogs and Their Owners in Celebration of Super Bowl LI

Rover Oaks Pet Resort announces its first annual DoggyBowl, a week-long event with football-themed dog activities culminating in a DoggyBowl Championship Party for people and pets.  The fun began on Monday, January 23rd and will continue with a different activity each day this week, with the final event happening on Sunday, January 29th when Rover Oaks’ Doggie Daycare clients and their pets are invited to come to the pet resort for fun and games in honor of Super Bowl LI.

Monday marked the DoggyBowl kick-off, when a group of about 15 dogs performed a “group sit” for the National Anthem.  The video can be viewed on Rover Oaks’ Facebook page here.

“The group-sit was a sight to see,” said Elliot Lara, Manager of Doggie Daycare at Rover Oaks Pet Resort in Houston.  “Not only is this fun for our staff and pet-parents, but it’s a great opportunity to work some basic obedience training exercises into our Doggie Daycare program. This really enriches the dogs’ experience in Doggie Daycare, and adds an extra element of fun to their day.”

On Tuesday, the dogs will compete in the 40-yard Dog Dash; Wednesday will be the Vertical Jump Competition; Thursday will be the Longest Football Carry; and Friday will be the DoggyBowl Practice Games, when the dogs will fine-tune their skills practiced over the previous four days.  On Sunday, all of the dogs, along with their proud parents, are invited to come to Rover Oaks for the DoggyBowl Championship Party, when the dogs will compete for the title of DoggyBowl Champion and to receive the Lombarking Trophy. Lots of fun and games will be enjoyed by both human and canine attendees, all with NRG Stadium in the background only a few blocks away!

Cheryl Yetz, long-time client and Doggie Daycare mom, remarked, “I am excited to see how my three golden retrievers, Gilby, Trudy and Candy, perform in the DoggyBowl games!   We will see if they can get by without any personal fouls for ball stealing, intentional dirt digging, or jumping on referees. Whatever happens, it will be an extra fun week for them in doggie daycare at Rover Oaks!”

“With the Super Bowl coming to Houston, and NRG Stadium visible from our dog park, we knew we wanted to do something fun for the dogs and clients to celebrate the special event,” said Claire Ellington, General Manager at Rover Oaks Pet Resort.  “The dogs will have an absolute blast. We can’t wait to share the hilarious pictures and videos from the fun that ensues this week!”

Follow the fun on Rover Oaks’ Facebook Page here.  If you are a dog-owner in the Houston area and would like to inquire about Rover Oaks’ Doggie Daycare Program for your dog, you may contact them at (832) 319-6612 or You may also visit their website at

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