Tails & Trails

Tails & Trails is a unique, community-oriented event that will be held on 4/16/2016 at Rob Fleming Park in The Woodlands to benefit Happy Trails Rescue. Most Montgomery County residents are unaware of all their county shelter does or even that Montgomery County Animal Shelter is located just one mile east of I-45 on Highway 242! We aim to change that!

Rob Fleming Park is located in the Village of Creekside Park at 6055 Creekside Forest Drive. It features a craftsman-style pavilion and a 20-acre park.

The event will include a raffle and a silent auction. The park’s large green space will provide ample room to showcase vendors, dogs for adoption, educational booths, law enforcement dog demonstrations, activities for children, agility dog demonstrations, and delicious food and beverages. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to join their owners. The park is surrounded by a half mile of beautiful paved walking path allowing potential adopters to take dogs on a stroll for some bonding time and to better see if they are a good fit for adoption.

Educational booths will focus on many of the ways to get involved with solving the serious and invisible issue of homeless animals in Montgomery County and beyond. Most people are unaware that so many animals, many of whom are loving family pets turned in to the shelter by owners no longer able to care for them, are ending up in the county shelter. The shelter is so full that many dogs don’t even get a daily break to get out of their kennel to play or go for a walk. This issue is compounded by a booming stray animal population in Montgomery County. Though there are many ways to combat this problem, the general public is unaware of how they can help.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter takes in up to 100+ animals per day. In 2013, the shelter took in more than 24,000 dogs, cats, and other animals. Many of these animals wait in the shelter for an adoptive family for many months, and sadly, many animals never make it to their “forever home”. Through no fault of their own, these poor animals never get to know a warm bed or a loving home.

Tails & Trails has partnered with The Woodlands Township’s Neighborhood Watch and Natural Pawz to bring law enforcement dog demonstrations to the event as well as crime prevention training for neighborhood dog walkers!

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