Bark Park Etiquette

By Jennifer Tran

Before unleashing your dog at the bark park, you should always observe the park rules of etiquette. For instance, Fido, whose immunizations have all been updated. Perfect. Fluffy, who has a bad case of kennel cough. Disaster.

Clean up after your dog. To prevent the unintentional spread of disease and intestinal parasites, pick up after your pooch. Leaving piles for others to clean up is especially rude and could result in you and your dog being banned from the park.

Female dogs in heat. Taking a female dog in heat out in public is well, irresponsible. Especially when there are dozens of dogs running loose, many of them unneutered males.

Be responsible for your dog. If your dog digs a hole, fill it back in. If he or she cannot play well with other dogs, take them home.

Follow the park’s posted rules. Following each park’s posted rules helps keep the parks open and available to everyone. Failure to obey the rules can result in your local park being shut down or cause a serious accident that could have been prevented.

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