Your Guide to Holy Muttrimony

By Jennifer Tran

There’s nothing like a wedding to evoke tears and smiles from gathered guests, even when the bride and groom are canines. Dog weddings are the newest trend in America and across the globe. An increasing number of pet owners are spending more and more money on their pets.

Dogs in particular are increasingly being treated as members of the family. Many dog owners include them in their own wedding ceremonies, from walking them down the aisle to serving as a ring bearer. Dog weddings are just the natural progression for dog lovers.

If money is no object then the sky is the limit. Many pet-friendly hotels with banquet facilities will allow a canine ceremony. This usually requires more advanced planning, but then you will probably also want a florist and a band, so you will have more work to do. A dog park is a great option for a ceremony on a budget, as dogs of all sizes are welcome.

Of course, your dog will want all of their closest pals at the wedding and this means sending out invitations. Whether it’s via email or formal notecards, the guests will need to know when and where to attend.

Many local dog boutiques now carry canine bridal couture to outfit the bride. And, don’t forget the wedding cake which can be purchased from your local dog bakery.

Since a dog wedding is not a legal ceremony, anyone can officiate. Just remember, it’s your dog’s big day so be creative and have fun with it.

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