You Can Help Stop Animal Cruelty in Crosby

After a grueling year of working to stop animal dumping at the Crosby  Puppy Massacre and dumping sites – where animals are not only being dumped, but tortured and killed – progress is being made. But, your help is needed now more than ever. Stop the Crosby Puppy Massacres has recently installed a billboard near the massacre and dumping areas (Business 90 near Sheldon Road)  which advertises their web site. This web site (  includes a new “resources” tab which they believe will help save hundreds of animals from neglect and cruelty in the greater Houston area,  including low cost spay and neuter programs, how to report animal cruelty including roadside sales and dumping, how to get help for a sick animal, and how to work with rescue groups as a foster to save lives.
The group has raised enough money through previous ad donations for the first and last months rent of a 6 month contract. They need to raise $1,800 to cover the 4 months in between ($450 per month). They are asking anyone who can to donate, either to the chip in on their web site–  (no amount is too small)  or to call in donations directly ( if they are $225 or more) to Sign Ad at 713-861-6013 and speak to Angie.

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